Wuxi Ruijie Imp&Exp Co., Ltd is a professional company specializing in international co-operation. Since the establishment, our business have been greatly and steadily increased and we have established good business in Europe, Australia and Middle East and are extending our business to Africa, North America and South America.
     We are providing our customers with different kinds of Machines, Electrical Equipment and Appliances (both High Voltage and Low Voltage), Pressure Vessels, Tubular Piles, Hardware (for windows and doors), Other Industrial products, Textiles, Building materials, and so on in the form of Trading, Project Contracting and Project Management Services.
    Wuxi Ruijie Imp&Exp Co.,Ltd is strategically located in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China which is a well developed city with strong manufacturing advantages to the fields of Mechanical Industry, Electric Industry, Metal Processing Industry
Since 1999,RUIJIE has been continuously participating in rehabilitation work for Ballshi Refinery and Fier under ARMO Group. Rehabilitation work include Electric Products. Machineries and equipment,N2$O2 production line,Spare Parts, Condensation system,Chemical System,etc.
Since 2000,RUIJIE has been continuously involved in rehabilitation work for Albanian National Grids under KESH Sha,Albania.
In 2000,RUIJIE successfully complete the supply of N2&O2 Production line for Ballshi Refinery that is the biggest refinery under ARMO Sha,Albania.
Since 2002, RUIJIE has been continuously involvedin rehabilitation work for Ballshi TPP(Thermo Power Plant), Ballshi,Fier,Albania.
In 2004, RUIJIE successfully completed the supply of one Production line for aluminum Proflies for new factory of AL DUR INVEST Sh.p.k,Vore Albania.
In 2006, RUJIJIE successfully completed the supply of three Workover rigs(for repairing of oil wells)for Albpetrol Sha,Albania who is the biggest Albanian Oil Exploit Company.
In 2006, RUIJIE successfully completed the supply of Tubular Piles 2500MT for Romano Port which is the biggest private project in Albania.
In 2006, RUIJIE completed construction of a new Substation in Sukth, Shijak,Albania. And the Substation is 110/20KV, 25MVA.
In 2007, RUIJIE successfully completed the supply of Tubular Piles 1000MT for Zambezi Bridge Project in Mozambique.
In 2007, RUIJIE successfully completed the supply of Tubular Piles and Fender Piles 1800MT for Belview Port Extension Project in Ireland.
In 2007, RUIJIE successfully completed the supply of two Production line for aluminum Profiles for Extension Projcet of PESPA&AKBANIAALUMIN, Albania
In 2008, RUIJIE completed the construction and commissioning of 10000m3 LPG Tank Farm under Intergaz Sha.
In 2008, RUIJIE successfully completed the supply of four heavy piles for project SSN Berthing Facility, Faslane, Scotland, UK. The unit weight of one heavy pile reaches 200MT. And This project is under management of AMEC PLC that is a famous company.